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3 Tips To Help You Learn How To Ballroom Dance

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Ballroom dancing is an art form that takes many years to master. When you first begin, dancing may feel awkward and difficult because you have to dance with a partner. Here are 3 tips that will help you to learn how to dance comfortably even if you have never danced before.


First, you have to learn how to dance closely to your partner for traditional ballroom dancing and for salsa dancing. The best and easiest way to learn how to do this is by taping you and your partner together around the waists. 

Just use some thicker tape that you can easily remove from your clothing when you are finished. By keeping your waists and bodies together, you will start to understand how to move your feet around one another. 

Also, once the tape is removed, you should be able to dance as closely without feeling uncomfortable.

Shoulder Carriage

Second, your shoulders matter a lot when you ballroom dance. Everything about your body should seem elongated and lifted. This means that your shoulders should be up when your arms are in the dancing position.

Your shoulders and arms are also referred to as your carriage. If your carriage drops, you will look lower and less light on your feet. Sometimes keeping a firm carriage is difficult, so try putting a small bar behind your shoulders and your triceps. Make sure that the bar is attached to your body with rope or tape, and then wear your normal dancing clothes. 

As you dance, your triceps will rest or barely touch the top of the bar, which will help your carriage to stay high. This may seem a bit uncomfortable at first, but you should not need the bar for long once you have the hang of it.

Elongated Fingers

Lastly, your hands need to finish out each dance move when they are not connected to your partner's hands or body. If your arm is straight out or up for a dance move, do not let your hand flop around or look balled up. Instead, your fingers should be elongated and should create a beautiful line with your body.

Even if you are shorter, you can still create the illusion of long lines on your body by making sure that both fingers and toes are elongated and pointed at the necessary times. If you always think about what your hands are doing, you should never have a problem keeping them in perfect form.

By doing these 3 things, you can learn how to ballroom dance more effectively even if you have no dance experience prior to your lessons. For more information, talk to a professional or studio, like Absolute Ballroom Company or others, to help get you started.