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Feeling Tired During Driving School? Here Are Some Solutions

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You'll be under close supervision when you begin the driving part of your driving school training, which means that you'll never want to allow yourself to get distracted behind the wheel. Ideally, you'll know to avoid using your cellphone while driving or falling into other distracting habits, but you also need to have a plan for dealing with fatigue. Hopefully, you'll be adequately rested on the days that you have in-car training, but there's also a chance that you'll feel drowsy when you get behind the wheel. To avoid your fatigue affecting your performance, here are some solutions to consider.

Get Some Air

Rolling down the window a little bit is an effective way to feel a little more alert when you're driving — especially if the blowing air is cool. Share that you're feeling a little fatigued with your instructor and then suggest that you'd like to crack the window an inch or two. It's useful to explain why you're making this change so that the instructor understands what you're doing.

Talk More

While talking too much can potentially distract you from the task at hand, engaging in conversation with your driving instructor can help to make you feel a little more alert. If you've been driving for a long stretch in silence while the instructor observes you, this can make you feel a bit drowsy. Make sure to converse about driving-related topics; this extra conversation can help provide you with more knowledge about driving — just don't let the discussion pull your mind away from your driving.

Pull Over For A Moment

If you're feeling uncomfortably drowsy, you can change how you feel quickly by pulling over. While you want to make the most of your allotted time with the instructor, you don't want to perform poorly because you're tired. Talk to the instructor about doing so, and then find a safe area to stop. You should pull into a public area's parking lot, rather than simply stop by the side of the road. Once you're safely stopped, take a few minutes to take a short walk around the parking lot. Doing so will often help you feel more invigorated.

Think About Future Instruction

Being tired behind the wheel isn't ideal, especially when you're with an instructor and are trying to learn. Think about your future in-car sessions and do your best to be properly rested for them. If you've had a busy stretch at school or work and feel that you wouldn't be your best for an upcoming session, consider calling your instructor to reschedule. Just make sure to give him or her adequate notice.

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